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Spine Poetry


Poetry is the oldest form of literature. Poems evolved from songs and the human storytelling tradition. Poetry is an imaginative expression of emotion or ideas which aims to connect deeply with an audience. Traditional poetry has  musical elements  such as rhythm, rhyme and stanzas / verses. Modern poetry takes many different forms. It does not necessarily rhyme and can have different lengths, shapes and structures.

Slam Poetry

Philip Wilcox, National Poetry Slam Champion.

Year Eight Poetry Wall

In this time, in this place, innocent lives are being destroyed and dissolved like glass shattering at the pressure of thrown stone

In this time, in this place, the fear grows quicker than a lion hunting its prey

In this time, in this place, each familiar shadow is a potential threat

In this time, in this place, we are weary of the black objects we see, as we are weary of their power

In this time, in this place, the ones who could cause the most damage aren’t necessarily the ones with the motives

In this time, in this place, the gun control laws have decimated lives. Why?

Holly Buckley 8D

Everybody knows…

Everybody knows my secrets before I do.

Everybody knows that the sky is blue with jealousy of the land that lies beneath.

Everybody knows that our hearts are wild things – that’s why our ribs are cages.

Everybody knows they’re insane, but some people can control it.

Everybody knows flowers secretly long to grow on trees, even if they don’t smell.

Everybody knows that one day we’re going to dye. What colour will you choose?

Everybody knows that secretly Justin Bieber can sing.

Everybody knows that we dream of taking over the world.

Year 8 Group Poem.